Flexible custom manufacture of electronics


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We offer complex services in the field of electronic devices production

From the purchase of components and their mounting to testing and delivery



SMD and THD mounting

Final products assembly

Testing and initialization of products


Purchase of electronic parts (components, PCBs, mechanics, cables, packaging)


Inspection according to IPC-A-610

Repairs, special fixes

Cycling of mounted PCB in heating cabinets

3D printing including design


Ultrasonic cleaning of mounted PCB

Painting of mounted PCB

Encapsulating of products


Packaging, storage and delivery

We know how to process standard PCB, as well as other materials (eg, Rogers, Arlon or Thermal Clad).
Mass production mounting of all commonly used packages - BGA 0.4mm, Package On Package (PoP) 0.4mm, LGA/QFN 0.35mm, Fine Pitch etc.
Components are mounted by the machine from the size 0201.

Batch production, samples, consultation at the start of production with a personal touch.

Our references

Gallery of our work

Selection of photos loaded printed circuit boards. Samples of quality and a well done job.

Special PCB

Photos of precisely fitted special PCBs - in this case Rogers for microwave applications!


Demonstration of the Assembleon machine in full operation, we run several of these powerful and reliable machines.

We understand your demands and we solve them with maximum emphasis on quality.